United Arab Emirates Visa Services

United Arab Emirates Visa Services

Latest Updates on UAE Visas

  1. UAE Embassy in London is now open and accepting business and work visas applications
  2. Most countries will require a negative PCR COVID test prior to traveling. In many cases, negative results have to be received either when applying for a visa or less than 72 hours prior to boarding. Please contact us to see if your visa application will require a COVID test.

UAE Visa Overview

UK Citizens and some foreign nationals residing in UK can obtain 30 days UAE Tourist Visa on arrival.
Foreign nationals with GCC passports may not need a visa to enter UAE
GAN Visa provides Express UAE Visa services to obtain Visa in 24-48 hours

UAE Travel Visa

All UK Citizens and foreign nationals of more than 45 countries residing in UK can get a 30 days Single entry UAE Tourist Visa on arrival free of charge.

UAE is one of the most open and highly visited country in the Middle East for tourism purposes. Every national including British citizens arriving in UAE will need to present a visa or obtain one on arrival unless they are a GCC country citizen or as per latest update a Israeli citizen. Most of the visa on arrival is given for maximum 30 days stay with a single entry. Once you exit UAE, you will have to obtain a fresh Visa on arrival to UAE. For all long-term multiple entry visa including Work visa, GAN visa services can help you to obtain it with ease and at your convenienience. Our services include arranging all the documentation checklist along with arranging the sponsor letter mandatory for all long-term visas. GAN visa can also arrange your 48 hour to 96 hour transit visa which is needed if you are transiting through UAE for more than 8 hours. We even provide express UAE visa service which are normally processed in 24-48 hours for certain types of Visa.

UAE Visa Category

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Huge experience in managing every aspects of Visa process, doing all the hard work so you can be at Ease enjoying your trip.


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UAE Visa FAQ's

Can I extend my tourist visa on arrival after 30 days?
Yes all 30 days visa on arrival visa can be extended further for 30 days twice with a 10 day grace period before each extension is possible. The additional extensions are chargeable and will need at least 6 months validity of your passport.

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