Incredible India: Charming destination for KSA tourists


The Gulf and the Middle East region are emerging as an important tourism generating market for India. India’s rich history and its cultural and geographical

diversity make its international tourism appeal large and diverse.

It presents heritage and cultural tourism along with medical, business and sports tourism.

India captures the heart of its global visitors with its natural beauty, colorful festivals, exotic beaches and architectural splendor and India also has one of the largest and fastest growing medical tourism sectors.

India today is a colorful tourist destination — competing to give the best to visitors from Saudi Arabia.

Improvements on accessibility and infrastructure, air and road connectively, professionally trained human resources, range of tourism product options and a focused marketing campaign under the banner “Incredible India” has helped the country achieve a tourism growth rate of over 7 percent in recent years in terms of both volume and value.

The Gulf and the Middle East is an important emerging tourism generating market with more than 250,000 tourists to India and Saudi Arabia is a major contributor of tourists to India from the region and more than 22000 Saudi nationals visited India during 2013.

Something for everyone…

India has been promoting and projecting itself as a destination for history, culture and architecture. It has something for every age group, every sort of interest varying from wildlife, cuisine, shopping, leisure, adventure tourism, beaches holiday or luxury stays, wellness or Spa experience, river cruising, backwater experience, living in rural areas or experiencing India’s rural life.

There are several ways to see India. One can travel by road or train and get to see the life of majority of the people who live in villages or one has the choice to travel in private jets or domestic airlines. India is not a country one can see in a week, two weeks or two months. Some people say that it can take a couple of years, to a lifetime to see and experience India. There are very many ways to experience India which also has many niche tourism areas which attract people who are interested in a particular activity.

One of the important and popular travel circuit of North India is called the “Golden Triangle Circuit” which involves the cities of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur:

Delhi is the capital city full of energy and color with the old and the new, thronging bazaars and Mughal architecture with a combination of wide boulevards and narrow lanes.

It is an old Historic yet a modern city with a number of tourist attractions viz. the Red Fort, the Jama Masjid (the largest mosque in India), the Qutub Minar complex with its soaring tower, India Gate, Lodi Gardens, the Lotus Temples, Humayun’s Tomb, etc.

Jaipur is a city in the desert State of Rajasthan.

The city has beautiful and majestic hill forts and palaces and is known as the Pink City because of the color of the stone used exclusively in the walled city, Jaipur’s bazaars sell embroidered leather shoes, blue pottery, tie and dye scarves and other exotic wares. Western Rajasthan itself forms a convenient circuit, in the heart of the Thar desert that has shaped its history, lifestyle and architecture.

Agra, the city of the inimitable Taj Mahal is now an educational and business center known for its craftsmen and handicrafts, marble and soft stone inlay work; carpet and leather goods are some important traditional crafts of the city. Besides the Taj Mahal, Agra has the Agra Fort, Ram Bagh and Itmad–ud-Daulah, 35 km away is Fatehpur Sikri, the imperial ruins of the Mughal city.

Agra and Fatehpur Sikri are not merely rich legacies of Mughal History — they are the finest examples of architecture which combined Hindu and Muslim elements.

Natural resources…

The Kingdom is just a few hours by plane and therefore India is a short-haul destination from the Kingdom.

India is blessed in terms of natural resources, and wildlife.

It is a huge country with as many as 372 species of mammals including rhinoceros, elephants, big bisons and 1,120 bird species.

Combining travel with experience of the wildlife is easily manageable in the itinerary.

These places are not far away from major tourist centers, so a day or two of wildlife experience of visiting a Wild Life National park can be added during the visit. Source: arabnews