China Business Visa

China Business Visa

China Business Visa

The China business visa also identified as M visa is issued to visitors who intend to go to China for commercial and trade activities such as business meetings, workshops, training sessions, etc. It is suitable for nationals who make frequent work-related visits to China but spend less than six months in a given year in the country, and are not employed or paid by an entity incorporated in China. Those seeking an M Visa must be invited to the country for business purposes by a China-based company. The China M visa can be obtained for three, six or twelve months with one, two or multiple entries and 30, 60 or 90 days stay for each entry

Documents Required

  • Passport (original and copy) must be valid for at least six months, with two consecutive blank pages. If you are a dual national or multi-national, you are requested to provide all current/ expired passports in your possession.
  • UK residence permit (original and copy), if applicable.
  • Two recent photographs taken against a white background (48mm*33mm).
  • Visa application form dully completed and signed in all sections
  • Photocopy of previous Chinese passports or previous Chinese visas, if applicable
  • Business invitation letter issued by a trade partner in China, or trade fair invitation, etc. The invitation letter should contain:
    • Information of the applicant (incl. full name, gender, date of birth, passport no. etc.);
    • Details of the planned visit (incl. purpose of visit, arrival and departure dates, place(s) to be visited, relationship between the applicant and the inviting party, details of any financial support to be provided during the stay in China) ;
    • Information of the inviting party (, contact telephone number, address, official stamp, signature of the legal representative or individual).
    • It might facilitate the Embassy to issue a proper visa to you if you could provide an evidence of your investment or business in china, or copies of your previous 2 years multiple- visas and enter & exit records if you have ever been granted 2 years multiple-entry visa before.
    • Passport number.
  • Complete GAN Visa Order Form which is in the visa pack.

Consular Fees & Visa Validity

  • China Embassy Visa Fee

    Premium Service

  • China Embassy Visa Fee

    Express & Standard Service


Processing Time and Handling Fees

We charge a handling fee additional to the China embassy visa fee, for our validation service to ensure all of your documents are in order

  • Premium Service; 3 working days

    Process time and Handling Fee.

    £324 + VAT
  • Express Service; 4 working days

    Process time and Handling Fee.

    £248 + VAT
  • Standard Service; 5 working days

    Process time and Handling Fee.

    £180 + VAT
  • Photographs prints

    Gan Visa Services.

    £6 + VAT

Additional Notes

  • China M or F visa used to confuse many applicants. From 2013, the original F is divided into M and F. The M China Visa is for business and trade activities, while China F visa applies to sci-tech, culture exchanges. study tours and other non-commercial activities
  • Regarding Business Sponsor letter, the person that signs the letter must write their full name and position in the company. Name and signature must match their passport, (usually inviters write their English names when they send the letters to applicants in UK), so please keep in mind that the Chinese embassy have stopped accepting them. The name must be exactly like in their passports. If the Embassy is in doubt regarding the name or the signature, they will return the passport without visa and will require to provide a passport copy of the person that signed the invitation letter. To avoid any delays, you may ask them to provide the passport copy of the main page and the signature page. Kindly contact us if any doubt.
  • Applicants who have obtained a Business Visa in the past can request for a 1-year Business Visa. Kindly check with us for further details.
  • If you work for a foreign company and are paid by this company, you can work in China for up to three months on Business Visa. However, if you are paid by a domestic company or you will be working in China for a foreign company for more than three months, you will need to apply for a China Z visa.

Start your Application

If you have any questions regarding the China Business visa pack or have any confusion if it is the right visa for you, we provide a free call back consultation. As an expert in all types of visas to China we can help in every part of the visa process. Our Friendliest visa consultants will guide you on every step and be hands on assist

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If you are affirmative on Business Visa is the right one for your travel to China and all ready to proceed further with your application, you can download our Business Visa package. The package has all the forms and visa requirement checklist to start your China Business Visa application.

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