Certified Translation

Certified Translation

Certified Translation Services

You need consulate or embassy certified translation services if you have been asked to provide official documents in support of a visa application, business transaction or even for personal matters. For official reasons, your provided documents must be translated and then certified to attest to their authenticity.
GAN Visa consular translation and certification services make it easy to prepare your translated documents required with your Visa applications. GAN Visa certified translation is a guarantee that the contents of the document are accurate and faithfully translated, and that the person or people to whom the document refers are who they claim to be. Our certified translators ensure that your documents are accurately translated, using the proper forms of address or writing style for the authority in question. We provide certified embassy translation services for individuals, independent businesses, and both public and private-sector organisations. We translate and certify all forms of documents required by consulates and embassies, including birth certificates, passports, marriage certificates, driving licenses and articles of incorporation.

How to get your documents certied translated?

GAN Visa have made the process of obtaining certified translation very easy for our customers. You can arrange a free callback consultation to understand the required translation documents and if needed any other consular services to go with the translation. Once our services are agreed, all you need to do is to send us a scanned copy of your documents either by email or post. Our expert and certified translators will get started with the translation and in most cases, we send completed translations within 48 hours of receiving them. However, some documents may take more time depending upon the word count and the language complexity. If the translated documents need further processing like any required legalisation, it will take further time.

Certified Translation Service Fees

  • Certified Translation in 2 working days

    Standard Legalisation Service depends on the number of words

    From £62 + vat

Additional Notes

  • GAN Visa provides certified translations in many languages with most popular being English, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish and French.
  • You may hear consulate and embassy certified translation services referred to as ‘legalisation’, ‘notarisation’, or ‘apostille’. However Certified Translation is different from legalisation or notarisation. Once the requested documents are translation to the required language, it may need notarisation and legalisation based on the embassy visa rules. Apostilles in particular may be requested for documents that need to be presented at a consulate or embassy. The ‘apostille’ is a certificate affixed to your translation, which turns it into a naturalised document of the country in question. GAN Visa provides both notarisation and legalisation of your translated documents. Our consulate and embassy certified translation services can include an Apostille if needed. Kindly check our FCO approved consular legalisation services here. We would suggest you to arrange a free callback to find out the needed consular services.

Start your Application

If you have any questions regarding the Certified Translation or have any confusion whether you need it, we provide a free call back consultation. As an expert in Visa consular services and latest Travel visa rules we can help in every part of the visa process. Our Friendliest visa consultants will guide you on every step and be hands on assist

Free Consultation

If you are affirmative on Certified Transalation Service and all ready to proceed further with your application, you can download our Certified Translation Service Order package. The package has all the documents to order your Certified Translation Service.

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