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GAN Visa Services   
Global and National (GAN) Visa Services is an accredited visa and consular services agency dedicated to delivering a reliable visa services at an affordable price and at a superior quality.

We are an expert provider of a secure visa application service, specialising in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. We here at GAN Visa are confident in our comprehensive experience in dealing with visa applications, passport applications and legalisation services.

GAN Visa is registered with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) Legalisation office in London to provide the premium service, this makes us one of the fastest Legalisation services in the UK.

Our team strives to provide customers with clear, coherent advice, as well as monitoring the progress of the application through to the completion stage.

We are proud to have the essential tools and experience to reduce the time associated with obtaining your visa and legalisation services.  


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*GAN Visa and Legalisation Services is not a government agency nor affiliated with the government. We charge a handling fee for our validation service to ensure all of your documents are in order, as well as covering the courier fees for submitting & collecting the documents from the relvant Embassies, High Commissions and Government departments.